While some of the main production processes are carried out within the company, some of them are carried out by the stakeholders.

However, the condition for us to be successful in the production processes carried out by the stakeholders is that we have the ability to successfully execute these processes internally. As a matter of fact, the necessary infrastructure, technical equipment and devices, and qualified personnel are available to carry out all processes internally. Stakeholder coordination in sewing, washing, and pattern group production processes are managed with a proactive approach. The PDCA cycle is effectively implemented and the continuous improvement approach is not compromised.


Sometimes, with sketches, prototypes, samples received from the customers, or in-person interactive design sessions, the design process occurs in cooperation with Alan Moda and the Customer.


Speed and punctuality among the basic performance parameters of the planning function in Alan Moda. With the full coordination and synchronized work of the product development group, in addition to fast work, punctuality and compliance with deadlines are managed at a very high level.


Modeling processes and related sub-processes, in which expert teams work, are carried out in a way that will increase the effectiveness of the subsequent processes and ensure that the products are fully imagined in the design phase.


Carrying out the sewing process in accordance with the design and with the desired quality requires a strict planning first. Our sewing stakeholders start the sewing process before sewing, knowing the properties expected from the final product, after a careful preliminary preparation and testing on the sample.


The design, which is based on quite complicated washing processes, needs skill and art in washing processes that are carried out in different ways at various stages. The washing stage of original and high-quality denim should also be special, our products are handcrafted by 85% of our products.


In the accessory world, which is the attraction area of ​​fashion centers, Alan Moda enriches its design by adding local and Italian accessories to its products with its original designs.


Our products, which are decorated with printing, embroidery, patterns, and especially SS 14 cut stones, do not deteriorate and lose their properties for a long time.


Each of the various manufacturing stages carried out internally is planned and carried out in a way that the processes can be carried out in accordance with the spirit of the design.


Input, process, and final quality control stages are carried out at every intermediate stage without getting tired and with the same precision every time.