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The company was established in partnership with Germany with the name of "Heidi Tekstil" to produce high value added products.

The company provided value-enhancing expansion in its product portfolio by bringing Italian accessories and machines for the first time to Turkey.

The company has increased its capacity by moving to the service building, where it still operates, and has started to serve many world brands in the world.

Taking the name of “Alan Moda”, the company started to operate in a different structure by strengthening its project and design function.

Alan Moda has made significant R&D investments in accessories, has been in close contact with accessory manufacturers from Italy, France, and South Korea, and has included important capabilities in this regard.

Product deliveries based on the quality control reports of the International Inspection Companies have contributed significantly to transforming sustainable high-quality requirements into corporate experience.

Production under international brands has been registered with the Social Responsibility Certificate and its continuity has been ensured.

Alan Moda continues its activities with sufficient knowledge and self-confidence based on this accumulation to continuously move forward the success it has achieved with its important producer stakeholders, which coincide with corporate production and service policies.